Conference: Regulating the online public sphere – From Decentralized Networks to Public Regulation

Time: 9:50am-4:30pm ET Day 2: 10:00am-4:30pm ET Place: Online (Registration needed). The stakes could not be higher for finding a solution for how to regulate the global public sphere, with the survival of modern democratic governance hanging in the balance. The power the big platforms wield over public discourse has distorted the marketplace of ideas, […]

The British Library: Freedom of the Press – The First Principle of News

Freedom of speech is hailed as the ‘first freedom’, the bedrock of democracy, but it is subject to erosion in times of upheaval. The British Library holds the earliest plea for free speech, Milton’s Areopagitica, which argues against censorship and in favour of ‘freedom to choose, for reason is but choosing’. But according to Freedom […]

Syracuse University: Is Free Speech Killing Democracy?

The State of Democracy Lecture Series welcomed Jacob Mchangama, Founder and Executive Director of Justitia, and host of the podcast Clear and Present Danger: a history of free speech. Justitia is Denmark’s first judicial think tank aiming to promote the rule of law and fundamental human rights and freedom rights both within Denmark and abroad. […]

Conference Yale University: Revisiting Defamation, Incitement, and Hate Speech in the era of Social Media

Freedom of Expression Scholars Conference 10 (2022) Friday, April 29 5:00 – 6:00 PM: SYMPOSIUM – JOURNAL OF FREE SPEECH LAW – Revisiting Defamation, Incitement, and Hate Speech in the era of Social Media • Jacob Mchangama & Natalie Alkiviadou, South Africa the Model? A Comparative Analysis of Hate Speech Jurisprudence of South Africa and the European Court of Human […]

Democratic recession or breaking point for the “bulwark of liberty”?

The invasion of Ukraine is forcing a realignment of countries on the democratic spectrum to choose whether they will join the liberal democracies or a new authoritarian world order. A second or virtual front is taking place online to rupture Putin’s new Iron Curtain through cyber attacks, as well as interventions from non-state actors such […]

CEP Webinar with Jacob Mchangama: Countering Extremism While Protecting Freedom of Speech

(New York, N.Y. / Brussels) – The Counter Extremism Project (CEP) is delighted to invite you to join CEP Advisors Liam Duffy and Ian Acheson for a discussion with Jacob Mchangama, author of the newly released book Free Speech: A Global History from Socrates to Social Media. The webinar will explore his thought-provoking insight into the origins […]

ERA seminar for legal practitioners on EU discrimination law

Friday May 6th Natalie Alkiviadou is speaking at the ERA seminar Applying EU anti-discrimination law Objective The aim of this seminar is to enable participants to understand and correctly apply the EU anti-discrimination legislation in domestic disputes. The focus will be on certain aspects of practical importance for legal practitioners in the application of the […]

VIRTUAL PANEL: Global Attitudes to Free Speech and the Future of Content Moderation

On the 17th March between 15.00-16.30 CET, Justitia is hosting a virtual panel entitled “Global Attitudes to Free Speech and the Future of Content Moderation.” During the panel we will discuss pressing questions around intermediary liability in the backdrop of Justitia’s global survey on attitudes towards free speech conducted amongst 50,000 respondents in 33 countries and from […]

Tech for Democracy 2021: Whose standards? Attitudes to Free Speech and the Future of Content Moderation

The future of Free Speech is hosting a session at Tech Democracy 2021. Whose standards? Attitudes to Free Speech and the Future of Content Moderation 12. October 2021 13:00-14:30 UTC+1 Customized version of report on attitudes on freedom of expression online vs real world and what it entails for content moderation at scale for NE cohort […]