Liberal International: Jacob Mchangama speaks at the 204th Executive Committee Meeting of Liberal International

The Liberal International Human Rights Committee (LI HRC) was proud to welcome Jacob Mchangama, an expert on freedom of expression, to deliver a keynote presentation on free speech in the digital space and the challenges of its regulation and governance. In an engaging discussion with LI HRC Chair Astrid Thors, Mchangama described current forms of censorship as […]

Fundamental Rights Forum 2021: How fast should illegal content be taken down? A rights-based approach

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 – 11:30-12:30 Vienna City Hall – Steinsaal II How to find a balance between removing harmful content online and protecting free speech? This session will explore the recent policy developments and discuss the impact of takedown legislations on civil liberties, the future of free speech, and the ideal time frame for […]

RightsCon: Silencing the silenced? The impact of takedown legislation on civil liberties and victims of human rights abuses

Date and Time: June 8, 11:45 am – 12:45 pm Eastern Time Facilitator: Jacob Mchangama Speakers (all three have confirmed): Nighat Dad (Member – Oversight Board and Executive Director – Digital Rights Foundation) Barbora Bukovská (Senior Director of Law and Policy, Article 19) Professor Evelyn Aswad (Professor of Law and Herman G. Kaiser Chair in International […]

ECIPE Webinar: Are Online Civil Liberties Threatened?

European Centre for International Political Economy Venue: ZOOM Webinar Speakers: Jacob Mchangama Time: May 20, at 3pm (CET). A discussion with Jacob Mchangama about online freedom of speech and regulation. Social media and other platforms are under growing pressure to moderate and take down content – and big platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are increasingly accused of […]

Mozilla Festival 2021: Silencing the silenced? The impact of takedown legislations on civil liberties and victims of human rights abuses

Participants from diverse backgrounds will share examples when a social media platform took down something they (or someone they know) posted. It could be anything – from erotic art, a picture of a wounded protestor, a video of an abusive police officer, or a sarcastic tweet mocking an extremist leader. Participants will contemplate the likely […]