BBC: Has Covid rolled back democratic rights?

Once democratic freedoms are snatched away, can they be clawed back? David Kaye – Professor of law, University of California, Irvine; former UN Special Rapporteur on protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression. Jacob Mchangama – founder and executive director of the Danish freedom of speech organisation, Justifia; host Clear and Present Danger: a history of free […]

The Economist: Censorious governments are abusing “fake news” laws

… Even as free-speech campaigners in rich democracies offer support to those fighting censorship in poorer, less free places, their own governments are providing the would-be censors with cover, even inspiration. Germany’s Network Enforcement Law (Netzdg), passed in 2017, is meant to protect readers from fake news and hate speech by requiring social-media platforms to […]

The Toronto Star: Who should decide what you can’t say on social media? Debate rages ahead of potential government action

Donald Trump. The CEO of My Pillow, Inc. Some 70,000 accounts promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory that claims a Satan-worshipping cabal is secretly running the world and abusing children. The Chinese embassy in Washington, D.C. What do these all have in common? In recent weeks, they’ve all had their Twitter accounts suspended permanently or temporarily […]

Arc Digital: The Purge of Trumpism

Within days the most powerful man in the world had been permanently cut off from communicating directly to his more than 120 million fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter. After years of providing oxygen to the political guerrilla tactics of Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey finally decided that fanning the flames of […]