CPJ: How social media regulation could affect the press

The United Kingdom moved a step closer to regulating social media in December when a parliamentary committee recommended major changes to the country’s Online Safety Bill so as to hold internet service providers responsible for material published on their platforms. “We need to call time on the Wild West online,” said committee chair Damian Collins. “What’s illegal […]

Euractiv: Content moderation policies continue to face core dilemmas

A new report by the Danish think tank Justitia calls for embedding content moderation in an international human rights framework to ensure common international standards. Yet, critics warn that this voluntary approach is too weak to tackle the ‘Infodemic’. In the report, Justitia says the legislative measures taken in Germany, Denmark or Austria to counter hate […]

Who Cares About Free Speech – Media Coverage

Economist – In some countries, people think they have too much freedom of speech Foreign Policy – People Want Free Speech—for Themselves Politico – BY THE NUMBERS — MEASURING SUPPORT FOR FREE SPEECH Bhaskar News (India) – दि इकॉनॉमिस्ट से विशेष अनुबंध के तहत:डेनमार्क के थिंक टैंक ‘जस्टीशिया’ की रिपोर्ट में दावा; केन्या, ट्यूनीशिया के लोग […]

Politico: By the numbers — measuring support for free speech

The Justitia Free Speech Index maps attitudes towards hot button issues such as regulation of social media, tolerance of “fake news”, hate speech and blasphemy. The Danish think tank’s research found that people in some countries think they have too much freedom. Justita’s Jacob Mchangama emails that there’s “strong support for uncensored free speech in the abstract,” but when […]

The Economist: In some countries, people think they have too much freedom of speech

WESTERNERS TEND to regard freedom of speech as a universal good. However, a forthcoming report by Justitia, a Danish think-tank, demonstrates that public support for freedom of expression varies widely among countries, just as legal restraints on speech do. In many countries, particularly authoritarian regimes, people say they want fewer controls. But perhaps surprisingly, in […]

Swissinfo: How can social media be made social again?

Social media platforms have become indispensable channels for public debate, and yet they are now rarely seen as an out-and-out benefit to democracy. Rather, they are more likely to be seen as transmitting fake news, conspiracy theories and hate. Fears are also growing that private tech companies are exercising too much power over – and […]