Reason: Privileging Blasphemy Norms Over Open Inquiry Plays Into the Hands of Religious Fundamentalists

Hamline University has received considerable backlash for not renewing the employment of a scholar who showed an allegedly “Islamophobic” image of the Prophet Muhammad during an art history class. The university did so, even though the adjunct professor gave ample warnings before and during the class that the image would be shown. According to an […]

Future Free Speech Impact

Free speech is a crucial component of a democratic society, allowing individuals to express their thoughts and opinions without fear of reprisal. However, around the world, free speech is frequently under attack, with individuals and groups facing censorship and other barriers to their ability to speak out. Our project aims to address this problem by […]

Los Angeles Times: Don’t be too tempted by Europe’s plan to fix social media

By Jacob Mchangama For many Americans, social media has become a monster. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are seen as festering hotbeds of hate and misinformation that threaten the very foundations of American democracy and civility. Calls for regulation have intensified, with some prominent voices looking across the pond for a model to regulate […]

TIME: What Elon Musk Gets Wrong About Free Speech

  “In short, there is a compelling case to be made for why free speech should be strengthened, not weakened on social media. But the sceptics are unlikely to be persuaded by a conception of free speech based on partisan grievances and trolling. Instead, Musk should focus on demonstrating how the benefits of a more […]

The Daily Beast: U.K.’s Crackdown on Anti-Royal Protests Makes U.S. Free Speech Look Good

British police are using a new law meant to curb Black Lives Matter and environment protests—to stop citizens from “disrespecting” the monarchy. “Who elected him?” Shouting these three words led to the arrest of Symon Hill, a British republican activist in Oxford at a coronation ceremony parade of (now) King Charles III. Hill was arrested (although later de-arrested, which is a […]

WBUR: The history of the price of free speech

Author Salman Rushdie spent years hiding because Iran’s religious leaders wanted him dead for a book they didn’t like. Rushdie remained a fierce defender of free speech. In 2015, when gunmen killed 12 at the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, he spoke out. WBUR is a nonprofit news organization. Our coverage relies on your financial support. If […]