Our perspectives

Here you can find op-eds, blog posts, presentations, etc. where our perspectives on the futures of free speeches are presented

Tech Policy Press: Regulating Online Platforms Beyond the Marco Civil in Brazil – The Controversial “Fake News Bill”

Opnio Juris: Hate Speech by Proxy – Sanchez v France and the Dwindling Protection of Freedom of Expression

The Daily Beast: The First Amendment Is the Greatest Defense for the Powerless and Marginalized

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In the news

Future Free Speech research, results and recommendations are mentioned in international and regional media.

Washington Post Editoral: These universities are pushing back on censorious students. Finally.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Jacob Mchangama & Flemming Rose on threats to Free Speech

AEI: In Search of Principles to Govern Free Speech, Hate Speech, and Web Censorship

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